Terms of Use - Myspace Layouts

  • No redistributing the layouts.
    Please do not use them to distribute to your site. These layouts available for download here will either be found here or over at Createblog.com. Do not claim these as your creations. If you should redistribute, you will not get as penalized for claiming they are made by you. That is absolutely forbidden.

  • Keep all credit links in tact.
    A simple link back will do. I take great pride in my work and knowing people who appreciate my efforts enough to link back really does mean a lot. It also helps others find the layouts to use as well, which is the sole purpose of creating them: for people to use.

  • Leave the image + stylesheet as it is.
    Please do not butcher the original form of the design/coding. My work, is my work. If you must, do so without making it obvious. By all means, study off of them, experiment with them, but don't just go replacing things and calling it your own. To make yourself feel less guilty of completely ripping off my coding, leave a link back.

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