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* All service prices are in US Dollars

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From now until March 1, 2007, receive $10 off any design order. Please contact me at barettax [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions.

Website Design

Website designs start at $45. Personal projects begin at almost half that amount: $25.

Order includes:

  • 1 custom website design
  • Free Graphics * (see below)
  • Free website setup (up to 10 pages, either .html or .php extensions)
  • Free updates script installation (Cutenews, Haloscan, Email Form)
  • Any other requests within reason
This service is entitled to receive price discounts for the Referral Promotion happening now.

Myspace Design Promotional Offer

Myspace layouts start at $30. More business-releated projects begin at $50.

Order includes:

  • 1 custom myspace design
  • Free Graphics * (see here)
  • Any other requests within reason
This service is entitled to receive price discounts for the Referral Promotion happening now.


I will do the following graphics at no extra charge. Unlike designs, these graphics are not subject to be changed (unless they are banners/buttons). If you would like just graphics, icons/avatars & buttons are 4 for $1, banners are 2 for $1, blends & manipulations will range from $3-5.
  • Icons/Avatars +
  • Banners +
  • Buttons +
  • Blends
  • Manipulations
+ Indicates my experienced areas of graphic design and up to 10 of each can be made

Please include how many of each you would like. Blends and manipulations will have to be limited to 1 per each as they require more time to complete.

Why choose this service?

With any good design service, the designer must consider both aesthetics and functionality to create the best quality design well worth the client's money. Whether it be a business template to capture a certain target audience, or a personal blog layout full of personality, I can deliver it. Here are some reasons to choose my service:
  • Originality

    Each design I make is unique and will belong to the owner, so no one else will have the same exact design as you. With my service, quality is not an option, it is required
  • Optimization*

    Website templates are coded in CSS floats so pages load faster and there is cleaner tag nesting for the owner's convenience
  • More Search Results*

    With better optimization, search engines like Google can index your pages more easily so it will be displayed in search results more often (more traffic)
  • Validated*

    All website designs are validated under W3C Web Standards to ensure correct and valid coding
  • Cross Browser Capatibility

    Designs will be checked on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera to ensure no one misses out

* Applies to website designs only

Interested in Ordering?

To place an order, please read the following below before sending me an email. It is crucial that you read this as it saves time from asking possible questions already answered below.

Payment Methods

I will only accept Paypal as the payment method to order a design.

Terms of Service

You will have to read, agree to and follow my simple terms of service once your order has been confirmed.

Future Offers

Those that order more than 2 designs from me will be allowed to purchase designs for $15-20 in the future.

Placing an Order

Please send an e-mail to barettax at gmail dot com with the subject heading of DESIGN ORDER including the following information:

Contact E-mail:
Paypal E-mail*:
Site Name*:
Layout Type*: CSS Floats // DIV Overlay or Default
Images: Optional
Details*: Include colours, style, specifics etc

* Payment will begin as soon as I start a rough layout of your design. You can choose between a full payment or half payment first, half later. Keep in mind, full payments will be on the priority list first.

Thank you for considering my service! I should reply within 2 weeks!

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