Apply for Affiliation

If you are interested in affiliating with BARETTA, please send an email to barettax at gmail dot com. It may take 1-3 weeks for me to get back to you. Should you require some sort of immediate response, please include it in your message somewhere. Below are some following aspects to consider if you would like to apply:

  1. Your site design Please make sure your site is user-friendly (navigation, colour scheme, organization). Your main site layout should reflect the type of quality your site offers and should be visually appealling.
  2. Exchanging links Should we become affiliates, it is in both parties best interest to link each other on every page.
  3. Communication I am no English genius, but please make sure that you use proper english and spelling when communicating with one another.
If you would like to exchange with us, please drop an email to the same address with your site name and info.

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